Katie L Oakley

Friday, January 30, 2009

A bit of randomness fun!

1. WHERE IS YOUR CELL PHONE? In my coat pocket
2. YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER? On the PC behind me
3. YOUR HAIR? On my head
4. YOUR MOTHER? Edinburgh
5. YOUR FATHER? Paignton
6. YOUR FAVORITE THING? Laying next to me on the poof
7. YOUR DREAM LAST NIGHT? Didnt have one last night
9. YOUR DREAM/GOAL? To get to my goal weight
10. THE ROOM YOU ARE IN? The front room
11. YOUR FEAR? Spiders
12. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN 6 YEARS? In my own house
13. WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? Same place I am now
14. WHAT YOU'RE NOT? A fake
15. MUFFINS? Nar, fattening!
16. ONE OF YOUR WISH LIST ITEMS? My magnolia stamps!
17. WHERE YOU GREW UP? New Addington
18. THE LAST THING YOU DID? A bit of cross stitching
19. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Jeans and green stripey top
20. YOUR TV? 37"
21. YOUR PET? Smudge
22. YOUR LIFE? Is crap
23. YOUR MOOD? Cold
25. YOUR CAR? I can't drive... Why have a dog and bark yourself ;-)
27. FAVORITE STORE? Too many to name!
28. YOUR SUMMER? In Paignton, I hope
30. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU LAUGHED? Today, most of the day, at work
31. LAST TIME YOU CRIED? When me and Alex last had a row...
32. 4 PLACES I GO OVER & OVER? Bed, Work, Asda, WW
33. 4 PEOPLE WHO E-MAIL ME? Marge, Laura, Claire & My dad
34. 4 OF MY FAVORITE FOODS? Chicken, Pasta, Pesto, Cucumber

Feel free to copy & paste onto your own blog and fill in your own answers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another couple of cards..

I had stitched Heffa a while back, and attached him to a card which I found today. The card was rubbish (I didnt have much card making bits back then!) and so I thought I would attach him to a better card!

I have used:
Backing Papers - PaperMania
Organza Ribbon - Stash
White/Purple flowers - Stamp Galaxy
3 Purple buttons - freebie

Then, I decided to stitch this cute little chappie! Eeyore is one of my favs, and he was a delight to stitch! Started this morning, and finished about 3 hours ago so not bad going!

I have used:
Backing Paper - Mount that came with Eeyore
Purple/White flowers - Stamp Galaxy
Zooms - Stamp Galaxy

I have also gone around the edge of the card with my Lilac Promarker. Sorry about the photos, I cant wait to go to Ikea to get one of those mini easels to put them on lol

Just one more thing before I go, I will be putting up some PIF's sometime (Hopefully this week) so keep an eye out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mickey is finished!

Started him a few days ago, but lost my stitchy bug for a while. Now its back, I have managed to finish him and attach him to a card! I am going to enter it into the Lili of the Valley challenge as it is a Valentines day card afterall!

I have also entered it into ABC challenge, the challenge this week is X and as my card has lots of x's in it, I thought I would enter it!

Mickey is a cross stitch kit I have had in my stash for a while
Have printed the background paper from Canon Creative Park
Stuck a couple of heart gems on

Ta da! One card! I must big up Canon Creative park. They have some lovely free printable papers on there, and tags and allsorts.

Onto my next project!


No Smirks for me!

Went to The Range, and had a look at the Smirk range, but I feel the stamps are way to small (Was a bit disappointed to say the least!) and then we couldnt find any Square cards, so I nipped into HobbyCraft and ended up spending £12! Got two packs of square cards, 3 Papermania pads (Raspberry champagne, Ivory Black and Antique Cream to match the blue, green and lilac ones I have already got!) then some red organza ribbon, a new black ink pad and some double sided sticky tape!

Now its time to finish up Mickey Mouse and create a card with it! Have decided that its going to be Alex's Valentines day card being as Mickey is in a love heart! Photos to follow..


What a week its been! Work has been so quite, which has made the days go soo much longer!

I havent really done much crafting this week, its payday on Tuesday, so I am going to get a couple more Manga packs from Letraset, and today, I am going to treat myself to some Smirk rubber stamps and papers!

My new stamps came from Elzybells yesterday, which im hoping to test out later today to!

Watch this space!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An anniversary card!

My friend at work asked me if I could stitch her this Eeyore. And as its her anniversary this Thursday (her first year!) she asked me to do a card to. I thought I would combine the two, and am quite impressed with it, even if I do say so myself!

It took me 2 days to complete the cross stitching, and put the card together.
Black Card stock
Patterened backing paper (Made by me in Photoshop!)
Black/Pink paper flowers from Poppicrafts
Black Brad from Poppicrafts
Sentiment made by me in Word using 'Bookworm' font


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going a bit Pink!

As you can see, I have got a new blog layout and header!

As well as that, I have gone all pink with my laptop! Fancied a change from the boring XP!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Easter cards for sale!

I am asking £1.50 per handmade card which includes postage and packaging. If you are interested, please email me - katie@sainty.co.uk

Here are the cards I have ready so far..

Please feel free to email me if you have a ceratin request, I will see what I can do! Also, keep an eye out for my Valentines cards which will be appearing soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Easter Make!

I have quickly made this one up to, and decided to enter the Cupcake Craft Challenge for this week.

An easter make!

I am in love with my new Promarkers!
I have created this using them tonight, and I am soo happy with the results!

Here is an upclose of the chick! I love these images also. They are from Pink Petticoat

Would love to know what you think! There are more to come - I have coloured the images, just need to make up the cards which I will be doing tommorrow...



Some lush candy to be win over at at Bev's Blog which can be found here

And some more lush candy at LuLu's bloge which can be found here

Goodluck to everyone who enters!

What a week it has been!

OK, so I joined Weight Watchers last week, am gob smacked at how much I actually weigh! lol So am glad I joined. Done really well, or so I thought! Had stuck to it relegiously, and exercised on my Wii Fit for 30-45 minutes every night and went to weigh in yesterday and only lost 1lb. Bit disheartened because I was expecting a bigger loss, but loads of people have said its proberly because I hardly did any exercise before hand, and I am building up my muscles so I may not see a rapid weight loss straight away.. Anyway, enough about that... Onto the good news!

After my post on Craft Bubble about those lovely flowers some people use on their blog, I decided to buy some from Poppicrafts, and they arrived today! They are lush! Then, I also came home to find a parcel from Letraset... YIPPEE my promarkers have arrived! :) I am going to test them out now, so will pop a few photos on later of my creations!

Bit of an essay, but am off now!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I would like to give a big

Thumbs up to the girls of Squgglefly!

I have jsut been on their website and downloaded a couple of images, and they came within less than 10 secs! Will definately be coming back again!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

My nans card

I have quickly put this together tonight, for my nan as she goes into hospital wednesday.

I have coloured the Magnolia in using my new promarkers which I am very impressed with! Here is a close up!

I am still here...

I am still crafting, I am just waiting for my new promarkers to arrive then I will hopefully be making some new cards for this year. I have managed any crafting for the past few days as my eyeball (The white bit) has been swollen for some reason. Feels really irratating, went to NHS Walk in today, they checked my blood pressure, and sent me away as they dont have any tools to check me eyes apparently (Although when I phoned NHS Direct, they told me to go down there asap as they have an eye clinic...). Anyway, I hope to be crafting soon!

Hope your all keeping well

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blog Candies...

Firstly, over at Dragonfly Impressions, Kari is giving away some LUSH candy! (See photo above!) for her year bloggerversary! Ends 9th Jan

Then theres some more LUSH candy at Papercrafts by Rach (Photo above) ends 10th Jan

And lastly, some more LUSH candy from Michelle over at Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles which ends 15th Jan.

If you fancy your luck, get over there now! :) Good luck everyone


My first two finishes of 2009!

I didnt think that I was going to have a hope of finishing any of these! Here I have finished Winnie The Pooh.

And I have finally finished nans hand towel. I have stitched in some silver metallic thread on it to give it a bit more colour, being as she cant use it (My mistake, stitching with hand dyed thread which is not colour fast!).

Im hoping to get a couple of cards finished this week - Its my brothers birthday in Feb, as well as Alex, and I want to make nan a speedy recovery card to.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Given up with trying to get..

my three WIP's finished. I found out yesterday, my nan has to go into hospital for 5 days on January 14th for an operation on her stomach (She keeps getting acid indegestion and they are not sure what it is so they are going to scrape some bits from her stomach - ouchie!), so I have decided to stitch her a hand towel, to send down with some handmade soap to try cheer her up a bit (She is 80 this year, and does narf moan lol). Here is what it looks like so far, I have to stitch two big daisies next to 'Nan' and do some lazy daisy stitches around it, then to back it. Its my first time ever stitching on something other than Aida, and my first time stitching with hand dyed threads to, which I will be adding to my stash as they are really lush.

Also, I thought I would share this photo of my tiger, Smudge chewing on my radiator clothes dryer... Little devil that she is! I do love this photo though, does make me laugh!

Hope you all had a good weekend :) Back to work for me tommorrow... BORING!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Today is all about...

getting some of my WIP's (Cross Stitching) finished, as I have 3 on the go. I am NOT going to start another project until these are complete. I am going to be posting photos of my progress to. Heres what they look like today... I think I will be finishing off the WTP one first as that hasnt got much to do, then the Country Companions Christmas one, then the other.

WTP one:

Country Companions Christmas Pudd:

Country Companions Gardening Time:

Now I am hoping to get these finished by the end of Jan, so best get stitching!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


You may say lol I have now found the delights of Digital Scrapbooking...

OK, so I am new to it, but I thought this one was rather good for my first go...

I am not at work until next Monday now, so I am hoping to have some more time with my new craft! Oh, and to make some more cards... Thank god Christmas is out of the way, no more christmasssy themed cards for a good few months!

My blogs New Look...

Well, here it is! My blogs new look! I am not that happy with it, as the header looks a bit blurry to me, but will get Alex to have a look at it when he finally gets his bum of the PS3!

I hope you all had a good NYE last night, we had a fun time! Playing drinking Jenga (Instead of wooden pieces, we had plastic beer jugs lol). Rich got really plastered and fell alseep on the sofa (Sitting on the floor, head on the sofa) so we just left him to it, after we had decorated his face with make up lol

Heres to 2009, may it bring you health, wealth and all your wishes.