Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a week it has been!

OK, so I joined Weight Watchers last week, am gob smacked at how much I actually weigh! lol So am glad I joined. Done really well, or so I thought! Had stuck to it relegiously, and exercised on my Wii Fit for 30-45 minutes every night and went to weigh in yesterday and only lost 1lb. Bit disheartened because I was expecting a bigger loss, but loads of people have said its proberly because I hardly did any exercise before hand, and I am building up my muscles so I may not see a rapid weight loss straight away.. Anyway, enough about that... Onto the good news!

After my post on Craft Bubble about those lovely flowers some people use on their blog, I decided to buy some from Poppicrafts, and they arrived today! They are lush! Then, I also came home to find a parcel from Letraset... YIPPEE my promarkers have arrived! :) I am going to test them out now, so will pop a few photos on later of my creations!

Bit of an essay, but am off now!

1 comment:

clare said...

well done hun,on your weight lose..keep it up xx
hugs clare xx