Friday, January 02, 2009

Today is all about...

getting some of my WIP's (Cross Stitching) finished, as I have 3 on the go. I am NOT going to start another project until these are complete. I am going to be posting photos of my progress to. Heres what they look like today... I think I will be finishing off the WTP one first as that hasnt got much to do, then the Country Companions Christmas one, then the other.

WTP one:

Country Companions Christmas Pudd:

Country Companions Gardening Time:

Now I am hoping to get these finished by the end of Jan, so best get stitching!

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MarieL said...

Wow Katie, I love your crosstitch work and you make beautiful cards with them. That is a lot of work.
I just found you on Magnolia-lious.