Monday, December 29, 2008

Calendar Challange Complete!

And only 2 days to go until the girls get to use them!

Here are the final products:

Sarahs Calendar

(If anyone can help me out with the image design, I will be truley grateful! These are sooo adorable!)

Rachels Calendar

Jeans Calendar

Claires Calendar

I have printed a year calendar on the back of each of the calendars as we use them alot in work. I hope the girls like them! Oh, and I am yet to do mine... lol

1 comment:

clare said...

hi hun..the calendar's are lovely hun...really cute..and what a great idea.
the stamp mage is called panduro stamps..hope this helps..i had a few of them images off ebay..the xmas cute.tryed they website,but it keeps saying"internet explorer cannot display webpage"not sure whats going on there.
anyway your calendars are lovely hun.
hugs clarex