Friday, December 05, 2008

What a day its been...

I had booked yesterday and today off work, so I can finish my cards, and send all my secret santa presents out and catch up with the housework. Managed to wrap the presents up yesterday, and finish a couple of cards, but last night, I got up from the sofa and have totally done my back in. I dont normally suffer with back problems, and believe me - this kills! So all today, I have been propped up in bed. I didnt want to go to NHS walk in because its Alex's Christmas party tonight, and if they said I needed to go hospital, we might still be there now. So am hoping I can move enough to go there tommorrow.

However, it hasnt been all bad news! I have managed to get this little cutie finished. I started him sometime last week, and there is a lot of white on him, and I just couldnt be bothered, but being bed struck, I had time to finish him, and have now moved onto finishing my Country Companions christmas design.


clare said... poor thing..hope you up and about soon xx hugs clare xx

was just woundering hun..did you get my parcel i sent???

Natalie said...

What a cute Cross stitch, I enjoy making those myself, I haven't done one in ages though. I hope your back is better soon.

Natalie x

Sally Bentham said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Hope your feeling better now. Love the cross stitch it is sooooo cute.