Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An anniversary card!

My friend at work asked me if I could stitch her this Eeyore. And as its her anniversary this Thursday (her first year!) she asked me to do a card to. I thought I would combine the two, and am quite impressed with it, even if I do say so myself!

It took me 2 days to complete the cross stitching, and put the card together.
Black Card stock
Patterened backing paper (Made by me in Photoshop!)
Black/Pink paper flowers from Poppicrafts
Black Brad from Poppicrafts
Sentiment made by me in Word using 'Bookworm' font


Natalie said...

Lovely card Katie, love the cross stitch. x

Sally Bentham said...

It's a lovely card Katie, I love eeyore myself.

pinky said...

Katie, two days!!!! Go you girl. Would take me a week to do the cross stitching. Beautiful card. Thanks for the link for the blog deco, might take you up on the help though (bit of a dinosaur)...

LuLu said...

Great card Katie and you have way more patience than I do - I would of given up stitching after day 1 ! !

Nicci said...

Thats so cute! I remember doing a j-lo cross stitch a year or so ago! You'r well on your way x

Heather "Hev" said...

This is fab Katie :)

She will love it!!

I have left you something on my blog Hugs Heather