Katie L Oakley

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A quick update from me...

Sorry I havent been around lately, we have again been having problems with our internet, and the weather has been keeping me busy! I have bought some new bits which I have had a quick play with tonight (Some smirk products!) and made this:

Am going to be using this mini notebook for tracking my daily points for Weight Watchers. Surprised myself this week at weigh in. I had lost 4lb, not sure where or how mind you! So, its a good 9lbs in 5 weeks. Am hoping to loose 1 stone every 2 months until I reach my goal. Have created it using some Smirk backing papers and a couple of paper flowers and some stick on gems. Took me all of 10 minutes to make!

I am still currently doing a cross stitching project, so thats why I havent done any new cards recently. As soon as its finished, I promise I will be back on track and back in the world of Blogging!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sorry for being awol...

What with the snow we have had, and no internet for god knows how long (Very frustrating!) I have only been able to check emails on my phone. Work has been very very busy (I work for the highways dept @ Notts County Council, and with the bad weather we have been snowed under quiet literally!). Managed to get out in the snow on Monday night after work, and had a snowball fight with Alex and built George...

And some nasty person has kicked him down already! Been contemplating making our spare room into a crafting room for me - it currently has a double bed in, and Alex's brother is giving us his sofa bed, so I can have my own room, and decorate it how I want it! Cant wait for that!

Now onto crafty update, I am halfway through stitching an exchange gift which I am hoping to get made into a tuck cushion. I havent really done much card making, but I have been out and got two smirk stamps, 2 reels of ribbon and a pack of the papers, of which if anyone would like to swap some papers, id be more than happy to (I have 48 of them, and not got a use for all 48!). Also got some more paper flowers from Poppicrafts which arrived yesterday, so I best had get making some cards! Anyway, I best dash off now (Before the net goes down, AGAIN!). If anyone is interested in swapping some papers, please pop me an email katie@sainty.co.uk as I dont know whats going on with the net, least I can still get my emails!