Katie L Oakley

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back over 2011, and forward to 2012...

OK so I know I haven't blogged here for like AGES but I do have my good reasons!

This year has been a bit bad, and I hope that next year will be A LOT better for all of us.

I'm not sure if my Mum will be reading this, but in October, we found out she had bladder cancer and on November 9th she underwent surgery to have it all removed as well has a hysterectomy for precautions. I can now report though that she is recovering from the operation BRILLIANTLY and is stronger than ever. My mum is one strong, determined lady and wont let ANYTHING beat her, which is amazing! Love and hugs to ya mum if you do read this! xxxx

Here's a pic I took in the hospital, we decided to have a party with the p*ss pots! :) (And I look drunk according to my lil big bro lol)

The move I mentioned in one of my previous posts is no longer going ahead. Alex had been offered a job over in Sweden, and we was to move over there for a couple of years but that has been turned down due to a few things.

And on to 2012...

Things planned for this next year, well, hopefully get a mortgage and our own house, Loose weight (As it is every year lol), become DEBT FREE for April 2012, Stop buying crafty stuff that I dont use, and all in all, have a brilliant year.

However you plan to celebrate the new year, have fun and do it safe! :)