Saturday, October 04, 2008

Been buying... AGAIN!

So I had run out of white card, and decided as we didnt have much to do today that we could take a trip out to Mcaurthur Glen (theres a papermill shop there! as well as loads of others!). I ended up buying 2 paper boxes (I swear they have got smaller since I last went!) and 2 sakura pens ( a white one and a shimmery glitter one). Then we had to visit the Cadburys Shop! Had a good day apart from the horrid weather!

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Sue said...

Hi Katie, i used to love going to the Paper Mill shop at MacArthur Glen (Mansfield?) Now we've moved to Wales I go to the one at Bridgend.
The card boxes have got smaller but cheaper. Ours stamp the box so when you gey it refilled they knock 50p off the price.
Sue x (stamping mad forum)