Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new card for me :)

I have decided to take part in one of the challenges on Tilda & Co Blog - Challenge No 37, On a Budget - Something which I am until tomorrow! Here is what I have come up with

Total cost:
Card stock x3: 45p

Paper x1: 0.4p
Adhesive Gem: 0.5p
Total: 0.54p

I printed the background paper, flower, ribbon borders and tags from Creative Park for free (They are actually scrapbook papers, but they have some lovely stuff on there!). I Used a piece of hammer effect A5 card folded in half for the actual card itself, and coloured the Magnolia image in using watercolour pencils. Tah Dah, One card! Im quite impressed with it actually!

1 comment:

~* Donna *~ said...

I love that little flower you have going on katie, Well done for taking part, it wasn't that bad was it???