Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Soooo tired today

It was Alex's last day working with Vodafone yesterday (He has a new job!) and it was his leaving do last night. I dont mind him going out, but its when he comes back in steaming, and wakes me up that really gets on my nerves! So last night, he came in at 4AM! Bearing in mind I dont sleep that good when he is out, and am a light sleeper anyway, so I had about 3 hours sleep! I decided to text my boss and take annual leave today, and stayed in bed until gone 12! Got a few bits to do anyway, need to pay the deposit for our christmas meal, and nip to Asda to get ingredients for my famous 'Oreo Cheesecake' which I have been asked to make for a friends daughters birthday! Hoping to get some cards made later, but who knows!

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