Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boohoo, my Laptop is dieing! :(

Am posting from the OH's computer as my laptop is on its last legs! :( Alex is trying to re-format it so hopefully I will be up and running soon! I havent done much crafting today, but I have took my first steps into jewellry making! It is my mums 50th Birthday this year, and I wanted to make her something special! I plan to buy her £50 worth of clothes shop vouchers because she doesnt treat herself much as she has my little bro to fork out for so if I get vouchers, she has to spend them on her!

On to what I have ordered! I thought I like the look of the swarovski crystals, so am making her a charm bracelet with 7 fushcia flowers, 6 rose butterflies and some 4mm bicones! Excited and cant wait til they come! Need to get myself some pliers first before I can play!

Hope to be back early in the week with some photos of cards I have made to order!


mrs giraffe said...

oh get you missus getting into jewellery is a fabby hobby although i don't do it...i've spent many an hour watching my friend(jo Jewels is her blog)doing some very lovely pieces, go take a look i'm sure she will always be happy to tell you anything she knows about the of luck hunnie. xx

pinky said...

Lucky you though hope your puter gets fixed.

LuLu said...

What a fab idea for a birthday present. you will have to remember to show us all before you wrap up your Mum's present!

Hope you get your laptop fixed soon.


clare said...

hope you get it sorted soon hun..knows what its like to be with out internet...lucky you got Alex's pc.

Thast a lovely birthday pressie to give your mum hun..she will so love sure to show us pic's of the finished bracelet.
hugs clare x