Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phew! Its so HOT!

This weather is so blimming gorgeous! And here I am, sat in my TIDY crafting room!

I have just had a BIG sort out! And tidy up as my room looked like a bomb had hit it!

We nipped to Ikea today as I needed some more plants for our office (Director is coming around so they wanna make the place a bit brighter?!) and I wanted a few little bits for me!

I got 2 of those mini easel things, those are way cute and a bargain at only 69p EACH! I also got one of those rail things you attach to a wall with the little bucket type thingys that attached on it! Thought they would suit my Pro Markers down to the ground! And some of those little spice pots (The packs of 4 that look like little sweety jars!) to house my brads and pips and stuff! All organised, now time for some serious crafting!

Be back later with some bits to show you (Hopefully lol)

1 comment:

mrs giraffe said...

youave been busy then..but least should be proud of yourself for doing it and now you know where everything is. love and hugs xx