Friday, May 29, 2009


I have just got back from the Post Office as I had a few things to post, including some more images for Kimberley (What all the below posts are about!) and I asked for it to be sent recorded delivery this time as last time, it just cost me the price of a large stamp.

Then, the checkout lady says to me "You have got the wrong postcode!"

All this stress and upsetment because she didnt give me the right bloody well postcode!!!

Well, I do hope she, her mum and her gran are reading this post, in embarrassment!!!!

I wont expect an apology from either of them because it is probably beneath them!

On a more positive note, I have just got back from town and bought myself two nice new tops, some new perfume (Kate Moss Velvet Hour - smells LUSH!) and Alex a bottle of the new Diesel 'Only The Brave' - Typical aint it, my perfume cost me £10.95, his was £27!

I hope everyone is having a lovely friday and making the most of this gorgeous weather!


Anonymous said...

I see you've splashed out, i wish i could do the same, but good for you!
We have some lovely weather here, hope it last all week-end.
Well for the postcode, they will have to wait until you get the right one, it's not your fault.
Have a lovely week-end and don't use too much perfume :)
Hugs xx

Sarah B said...

They'll only deny it honey and say you are stalling or making things up. Put the whole crappy experience behind you sweet and enjoy the sunny weather,

Hugs Sarah B X