Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am disgusted!

I have just this minute walked into work and checked my home emails to have recieved an email from someones mother because they hadnt recieved their stamped images yet! (Just thought I would add, the girl is only 14, thats why her mum has emailed!).

The email has actually reduced me to tears because this 'person' has accused me of doing something 'Dishonest' with offering people the chance to get hold of some Promarkers at a cheaper price (For those that think I am being 'Dishonest' you can see the price I can get the for on here by downloading the Staff Purchasing April 2009 excel document and seeing for yourself). She has threatened to go to the authorities about this to, which she can because I am doing NOTHING wrong!

Can those of you that I posted things out to on Friday 22nd, please comment on this post if you have recieved them yet? I dont want any more emails ACCUSING me of doing wrong...

Upset and Angry!


clare said...

OMG..Hun..this is way out of order..fancy getting her mother to email you,how childish is
its most probs cause of the bankholiday that she hasn't recevied them yet.
And to report you,about the PM's...i wouldn't worry hun..if you know that your not doing worng i wouldn't worry about it.
chin up hun...hugs clare x
is this person off blogland?
hope it gets sorted hun xx

and yep..i used my heat thinking you need to invest in a heat gun hun..pmsl.

Allissa Designs said...
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