Thursday, May 28, 2009

FAO: Lynne (comment from my previous post!)

In response to your comment:

"Yes, this has got really sad, hasn't it Katie Louise? Kimberley is the child here, not you although one wouldn't think so. You are quite right, all this unpleasantness could have been avoided had you just sent this bairn her images. She sent you yours in good faith, there is no question of RAK here - let's be clear, it was supposed to be a fair swop. There has been enough communication between the two of you for you to know that she hadn't received hers without you making excuse after excuse. Any mother would have become involved at this stage but without looking for support from people who don't have all the relevant information and shouldn't be making comments on situations they don't understand.


I didnt want to respond to this on your blog because I think its totally unfair, so I dont mind doing it on my own! An email from Kimberley asking what has happened would have been sufficient, not to have to pass it to her mother to email me a VILE, NASTY and SPITEFUL email. If Kimberley is old enough to participate in swaps and such likes, she should be old enough to send an email asking what is going on.

I didnt mention anything about a RAK, infact, it was Kimberleys mother in the VILE, NASTY AND SPITEFUL email... Get your facts straight before you go accusing!

Enough said, I am getting very PISSED off with accusations being thrown from people that dont even know me (Infact, its not everyone, just TWO people inparticular!). Keep your nose out, ANOTHER set of images will be posted RECORDED delivery tommorrow as I have stated. Please do NOT bother coming back on my blog as you are not welcome!

Thank you and goodbye!


carlzcardz said...

Hiya hun, this is awful! i totally agree that she should be able to speak for herself! xxx

crazyforcrafts said...

oy you mother i will say this i am young and i know katie very well i have sent and recieved things to and from her this is wrong you are so mean and katie is innocent get out or WE will report abuse

Sarah B said...

Good on ya girl, you tell them! 100% behind you, Hugs Sarah B X