Thursday, May 28, 2009

Copy of this horrible email!

Katie Louise

- sent you the images you agreed to swap last Monday. Her granny posted them first class post from her work. They were logged on the system there along with several other packages containing other images, so I am confident they were definitely posted. I am so disappointed that - has not received her images from you.

I see from your blog that you have had some difficulty with image swaps previously. I don't understand why you seem to be the only person who is having difficulty receiving their images and also in the ones you say you sent not being received; there seems to be no good reason for this. Other people involved in this type of activity don't have these problems.

I'm afraid I don't quite understand your story about not receiving the images - was sending you. You say you were posting hers out first class but you say you haven't received the images she sent you. Why would you post if you haven't received yours? One of your random acts of kindness?

- is only 14 years old. This is upsetting and disappointing for her. She saves her pocket money to buy her craft items and she trusted you to send her images. Should she not receive her images by the weekend, I will have no alternative but to post on my blog warning other crafters not to swap with you or not to send money to buy promarkers from you. This is not how I want be blog to be used but neither do I want my daughter to be used in this way.

Also, should I suspect that anything dishonest is occurring with the promarkers, I will have no hesitation in contacting the Nottingham Council regarding this matter or any other appropriate authority.

I expect to hear from you without further delay.



clare said...

Me again hun...OMG what a have sent me loads of goodies including images..and ive never had a problem..and if i did i would never in this world ever write a email like that to you or anyone matter how old i was..its not your fault hun that they have not arrived yet..have this person ever had problems like this themselfs..cause i think 99% of bloggers have..and im one of them.why didn't she just say in her email..that she hasn't received them yet..and that she hope that they will be there soon..not go about it this way hun..its not fair on were so kind enough to offer the images.....
sorry hun..ill have to leave it at that..cause im only goner keep ranting on about this person..and ill end up saying something that i shouldn't
i really hope you can sort it...for you hun.let us know.
chin up hun..hugs clare x

Sarah B said...

Oh Katie, I can't believe someone would be go cruel. Whats wrong with just saying she hasn't received them yet and could you update her. From past experience I have never had a problem with images sent to me and the ones you sent were lovely, and very generous. I think she should send an e-mail to Royal Mail, its usually their systems that let people down. People like this woman obviously have nothing better to do with her time except hassle and upset people, Maybe she should put more effort into encouraging her daughter to fight her own battles.

Never mind honey those that know you know that you are honest and caring by the way I have posted your gorjuss girl images today sorry they are late..

Now if she was emailing me I'd understand considering I so disorganised, but do get there in the end. Chin up, she's obviously a real cow!!!!!

Hugs Sarah B X

Lynne said...

Yes, this has got really sad, hasn't it Katie Louise? Kimberley is the child here, not you although one wouldn't think so. You are quite right, all this unpleasantness could have been avoided had you just sent this bairn her images. She sent you yours in good faith, there is no question of RAK here - let's be clear, it was supposed to be a fair swop. There has been enough communication between the two of you for you to know that she hadn't received hers without you making excuse after excuse. Any mother would have become involved at this stage but without looking for support from people who don't have all the relevant information and shouldn't be making comments on situations they don't understand.


LuLu said...

OMG Katie . . haven't popped over for a while and thought I must catch up with you to find how you are . . . and OMG!

What an awful email to receive from anyone. I have received your RAK with my fabby images & other goodies no problems & very quickly. The PO can be a pain in the a**e and I have 3 pending claims with them for lost items . . . one being my nephews birthday present.

Did you keep any of the postal receipts or proof of postage thingys so that you can prove that the items were sent? This would at least prove that you did send the images in the first place and that they have become lost in the RM system.

Keep your chin up Katie and I hope this matter resolves itself before it worsens.