Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yay! I have won...

I just got a call from someone from Cadburys Carnival competition, saying that I have won a Nintendo Wii! :) As I already have one, I am gonna give this one to my younger brother! Am well excited lol Just need another bit of luck - They say it comes in 3's!

Edited to say, I promised my bro a present if he done well in his last junior school report, which comes out this week, so this is the perfect gift me thinks lol



mrs giraffe said...

how fab is that katie hun...well done you, i bet your brother is gonna be really nice to you now lol
love and hugs xx

pinky said...

What a win, well done you. Lucky little brother.

Pat said...

Wow, well done!
Your brother must be really happy now.
Hugs xx

Rainmac said...

Brilliant win, your brother is going to LOVE you!!!