Sunday, April 20, 2014

London Cheesecakes, thanks to my Sister!

Mum went on her final journey on 9th April.

She had a beautiful white horse drawn hoarse. The flowers that she had were beautiful too. It was a hard day, but she is at peace now, no more pain. I know she is up there looking after us all. After her wake, we 'tried' to light some sky lanterns, but failed miserably! Maybe next time we try light them, it wont be so windy and we wont be right next to the sea?! 

On to these beauties! 

My sister posted her Easter bakes yesterday on Facebook and I had to have a go at making these! 

I used to love these as a kid - that flaky pastry, sweet jam and coconut yum yum! 

I couldn't find shredded coconut anywhere, so made do with dessicated. It does the job, they taste great. Although not to good for the diet. Yes, I bit the bullet and went back to Slimming World on Tuesday. Lost 3.5lb, so I am at 13.5lb so far, that's with missing two weeks as well, so I was pretty chuffed with that! I have not been very good these passed couple of days though, so I may have put on a pound or two come Tuesday. 

I have a crafty project to share with you, but cant publish it until the recipient has received it! All will be revealed, its something I am quiet chuffed with actually! :)

Back in the craft room tomorrow hopefully. 


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