Sunday, January 05, 2014

What did Ho Ho bring you?

Its been a while since I updated my blog on a personal note, so here goes! 

We had an early Christmas with my Sister, Brother in law and Nieces, this time at my house! Nanny paid for the girls to see Father Christmas at our local garden centre (Wheatcrofts) which was lovely. 
You did have to queue for a while, in a stinky tent with pigs, sheep, goats and donkeys (Which was really stinky!) but we had a lovely day. Erin is only 2 and a bit and she didn't want to sit with Father Christmas - Understandable really, I am sure he looks scary to a child at that age! :) 
(Gracie with a donkey) 

Then we nipped off to The Goose for a bite to eat, then it was back to mine to open presents! 
Oh how I cant wait until I have children of my own. Erin is very much into Spongebob, and everything I bought her was Spongebob - She has good taste, just like her Aunty Katie lol 

Anyway, on to our Christmas day! I wasn't too good, so Alex did do the majority of cooking, But I did the turkey and stuffing! There was quite a few presents under our tree :) So I must have been a good girl this year! lol Anyway, I got this lovely ring from Swarovski, which was on my list last year, but I got a Nintendo 3DS XL instead. 

I also got some DKNY Be delicious perfume, a glass cutting mat for my craft room, a lovely bracelet from a good friend, as well as other little bits and bobs. 

And this... 

Those that know me, know I am a HUGE Example fan! :) This was a Secret Santa present that we did with work. I was over the moon with this, so much so, its in a frame now and will be taking pride place on my craft room wall! 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I have a couple of resolutions, including keeping my blog up to date and loosing weight, those of which will start tomorrow. 

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