Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry I am missing - I cant access the net at home due to something with the lines being down.
I also, wont be around for much of this week/weekend as I am off to my dads on Thursday - Will pop a photo of my nans cake when I have done it (And if I can get on it!)
So, Sorry for not being here!


Emma said...

hi hunnie missing u!! oh how are u coping with no net argghhh i'd be going stir crazy. have a nice time away, i'm also off tomorrow back down to see my mum so won't be about either take care luvvie xx

Doodles said...

Hi Katie., Loving your new look blog very very pretty.

Hope your having a great time.
hugs Sharon

Kirsty said...

Hi Katie

Great blog you have here, just passing so i'll say hello

Kirsty x