Sunday, September 06, 2009

A week has passed..

And I have managed to make a few bits!

This is my first EVER sock monkey! I got this idea from the Money Saving Expert forum. They do have some really good ideas on there, some of which I will be doing this year for christmas gifts! She is made from 1 pair of socks from Asda, a bit of DMC thread and two buttons! Simples! (My stitching is a bit naff, cant wait to get my sewing machine from my lovely MUM!).

This isnt complete. It is meant to be a flannel cupcake, and meant to be swirly, but I bought 4 flannels and they were to thick so looks like I am going to have to make four of them (Oh dear lol). It will eventually have a bath pearl or something similar on the top to make it look like a cupcake, then into some cellophane with a bit of ribbon and tag!

I am making mum a hamper this year for christmas, mainly handmade stuff. So far I have got some NSpa Chocolate Fudge shower gel, my chocolate flannel cupcake, some snowman soup, reindeer poop, a chocolate muffin bath bomb, a few chocolate candles and some other bits and bobs. Theme is chocolate lol

I have also made a card this weekend, for an order at work, of which I have another 7 to do! Earns me a few pennies I guess! Will pop a photo up once I have finished it (Gotta print the sentiment off!). Sorry for the essay, just felt the need to WaFfLe LOL


jack stamps said...

Oh, I just love this cup cake idea I can't wait to see the finished hamper so I hope you will post a picture.
Your blog is just great.

Sarah A said...

The hamper sounds a wonderful idea - I am sure your mum will LOVE it!!

Sarah x