Monday, August 24, 2009

Magnolia Snowman wanted!

Does anyone out there have the magnolia snowman stamp?
I have tried looking on Ebay and posted on a few forums but no one seems to have it!
I would really love this image for some of my xmas cards. If you have this stamp, would you be willing to stamp me 10 or so images out? Or maybe you have this stamp that you would like to get rid of - I would love to buy it from you!
I will cover all costs met for both images or the stamp itself.
Please email me if you can help!


LINDA said...

Hi Katie,Magnolia-Licious

said they would have it in soon. Hope that helps..
Hugs, Linda

blackdragon said...

Hello.... have you tried 'the glitter pot'... i havent got it but have loads of others... talk to you on the christmas rak club?
I'm the miserable humbug dragon!!!!
hugs lynx