Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a nightmare! (And a sneak peak of my CANDY!!)

I have had trouble getting on my blog, and when talking to Lou on Facebook chat, that keeps coming up with error messages! I tell ya, this PC was two seconds away from being thrown in the canal lol!

Anyway, I have treated myself tonight! We nipped to The Range and like some of you, a few 'extras' slipped in my basket! (I only nipped in to get some dbl sided tape!!). Anyway, I got myself some adhesive gems, adhesive shimmer dots, some YUMMY papermania 'Rose-Tinted' chrostmas papers, some sparkly snowflake brads and some shimmer chalks!

Then, I saw some nice bits to add to my SECRECT CANDY! And I have decided not to be so mean, and give you a sneak peak... Yes, they are Fairydoodles!

Thats it! :) As Looney Tunes would say, Thats all folks!


Penny said...

lol. I gotta get myself to the store so stuff can accidentally fall into my cart :)

Dragonlady said...

You naughty girl you!!! I am supposed to be taking my daughter to The Range today - what will sneek into my basket I wonder?
I love Fairy Doodles stuff.

Ali x

Carrie said...

Oh you are a tease lol. Carrie x

scrappyjacky said...

The Fairy Doodles stuff is lovely...have some of their stamps myself.Visited The Range for the first time recently [don't have one near us] and quite a bit 'fell' into my basket!!

Allissa (Lisa) said...

Hi Katie babe...well done you!!I was meant to go today but not had time...I havn't been out for 6 wks no joke! im gonna scream me thinks.
Babe...was there anything on special offer or promo at the range?
do you know what time they close?

hugs hun thanks for placing the sponsers banner on your blog.


PS send me your address love to send you a BDay card :-)