Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anyone fancy a image swap?

I was thinking, does anyone fancy a christmas image swap? I dont have that many christmas stampes, only a set of Elzybells ones! If anyone is interested, please email me!


Anonymous said...

i'm gettin a few images soon, will scan some in for you to print off :D


LuLu said...

I have some images that are digi images. Email me if you are interested.


crazyforcrafts said...

well i have alot of xmas stamps would be up for it but did you get the parcel i sent about 4 weeks ago i hate the post from me 2 you the last thing took like 3 months

Doodles said...

Hi Katie, Honey i am christmas daft and have a lot of christmas stamps i would be very happy to send stamped imagies to you or if easier i could scan them and email you with them.

Let me know what is best
hugs Sharon xxx

Lou said...

Hi Katie,

I have lots of Xmas stamps......ill pop some in the post for you sweety!

Lou xxx