Sunday, June 21, 2009

My apologies :(

I am sorry I havent been on here to post some photos, but I havent felt up to crafting this weekend. I still have my rotten cold, seem to be sneezing every 5 minutes, watery eyes, shiverys, hots and colds, just feel really shattered. I know I must be ill because my new ribbons, buttons and flowers came from poppicrafts yesterday and they are still sat in the box on the table :(

We have been out for a walk just now, and there was this baby cygnet (Baby swan!) that was in the bottom of the canal on its own (If you can imagine, we live near an old lock was so its like a huge couple of stairs so baby ducks cant get up it yet!). The rest of the group where at the top of the canal so we enticed the rest of the group down the stairs with some bread, including mum who seemed to be chirping away when it reached the babies! Was chuffed to see them re-united!

Anyway, I am off to bed now, gotta try and perk up a bit for work tommorrow. I have promised one of my lucky followers some goodies and as I havent been feeling great, I am going to add a few extras in to the box for good measures :) That I am hoping will be monday or tuesday this week... Names will automatically go into the draw so you dont need to comment.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend xx


scrappyjacky said...

Hope you're soon feeling better,Katie.

Fiona said...

It sucks being unwell when new stash arrives, you just can't get as excited about (or maybe thats just me) hope u feel better soon so you can enjoy your new stash!!

Craftyhan said...

Hope you feel better soon's rubbish feeling ill. Hope you can make some cards with your new stash soon! Love Han xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Oh this is a Gorgeous card,
Love the colours and the image is fab
Hugs Susie xx