Friday, October 17, 2008

Heres a question for all you card makers/scrap bookers..

Do you print off your own background and patterned papers?

I have been printing some off, but I don't think that my printer is the best! (I have an all in one Lexmark printer!) So, I have been thinking, maybe I should invest in some papers OR a new printer...

If a new printer, will have to be after Christmas as fundings aren't so good what with Alex wanting a 'Driving Experience' which is gonna cost in the region of £100, then I have my little brother, and two nieces to buy for. Then my Dad and Nan, and Dads GF, and her kids, then Alex's mum and Brother...

I'm glad my family isn't that much bigger (My intermediate family anyway, the rest of my family is huge on my Mums side!)

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