Monday, March 29, 2010


as promised - I cant upload the photos from all the cards I have made yet because I need to post them out to Donna and want her to see them first! But I will schedule a post (If I learn how lol) for thursday which will show them all!

Anyway, I chose to show you a photo of this card because I really like this style! It is so simple, which is why I love it! I cant take credit for the images as they are colouring pages (Newton's Law!). I printed them on to textured card (Its got like a linen effect to it) and coloured them in using my Koh I Noor pencils. I havent bothered to blend the pencils because I think they look ok as they are!

And a close up:

And onto my next project! This was meant to be decoupage for a card, however, Alex works for the Finance company that Ikea uses and they often get little bits and bobs from Ikea given to them! He came home with this photoframe, which I was going to chuck in the cupboard (As you do!) but I decided this was going to be for me! To go in my craft room, along with the others I intend to make!

I hope you like them xx


Fiona said...

awww those Newton pics are sooo cute :) Really like your picture as well, nice idea for displaying pieces you like to much to give away :P

Anonymous said...

The linen effect card works so well Lovely. I've stitched some Newton pictures and they always come out so well - they're beautifully designed.

Softpencil said...

Thank you for following my blog Katie!!! yours is so beautiful! I love your monkeys! ;)