Monday, January 11, 2010

Really annoyed with myself

OK, yesterday was a VERY bad day for me - And yes it came in threes.

Firstly, I cooked roast duck for dinner. Half way through cooking, I had to turn the duck around, so out we poped it from the oven to find that I had left the plastic tray bit on the bottom of it. Luckily that never caught on fire or I would have been in deep do do!

Then, after dinner, I thought I would go and have a play with some of my new crafting stuff - For once this year I felt in the mood to do something crafty! Up I goes to my craft room, with a glass of rose wine.. And yes, you guessed it. I spilt it all over my LAPTOP! :( I have only had the laptop about 3 months now and it wouldnt turn on after a quick dry. I have left it open on its side to see if we can dry it out, but I dont hold much luck with it, being as the wine was coming out from the DVD/CD disk drive! The frustrating thing is, I told myself to move it because I could see it falling over. And yes, the two cards that I managed to make got splotted with wine to!

And lastly, after that event, I thought I would come down and watch a bit of TV. And Alex drops his glass of wine all over the carpet - BEIGE carpet I must add!

So, Only time will tell if the laptop works - A colleague said I should submit a claim on our house insurance even if the laptop is working because although it may work now, it might not in a few weeks...


I will try and keep up with you all - I can access blogger and craft bubble from work so not all is bad - I guess!


Dragonlady said...

Oh I am so sorry for all that bad luck. Have you got a warranty for the laptop as it is so new?
But you can now be positive as in the words of the song - "the only way is up!"

Hugs Ali x

Biscuitlid said...

oh no what a disaster Katie, I hope it dries out OK for you.

It took me ages to get my mojo back after Christmas, only came back after joining in a live challenge night over on in love with stamping forum.

I've got a class on the 23rd in the afternoon if it'll help!


Debbie x said...

It can happen to anyone, don't be so hard on yourself! Hope it all get's sorted hun xx

Mandy said...

Soo sorry you had such a bad day..hope the laptop dries out and works.and you get the stain out of the carpet..
Mandy xx

Paul said...

What bad luck. I know it's not much but I've finally put up the tutorial on how to put together the Sizzix Carry All boxes on my blog! Hadn't realised that I'd yet to do it. Hope it helps you.

judie said...

oh poor old you hun, hope its dried out enough now. Things can only go up now though !!! Good to meet you on Craft Bubble xx