Saturday, December 26, 2009

All over for another year!

Phew! I can now chill!

I hope you have all had a lovely christmas so far - I have!

Now the big day is out of the way, its time to chill out and relax (And stop eating chocolate!). I wasnt really spoilt this christmas as me and Alex decided not to do christmas for each other, but I did have some lovely gifts. Mum bought me some new jim jams (Two pairs!) and some of those boot slipper things which are reallllly comfy! I got 3 bottles of vodka (Dunno what people are trying to say...), some smellies, some Ghost perfume (My fav!) and some money which I have already spent on crafty bits in the sale!

My lil big bro (He is 11, but as tall as me!) loved his Wii that I got him, and mum loved her presents to which is good. I had to spoil them as I dont get to see them often (Once a year if that) and I wanted to make the effort as we was delivering them!

I ended up making mince pies, after 8 mints (Sort of!), cherry vodka and my cranberry sauce all from scratch! Dinner was delish! I think this was the best cooked dinner I have EVER made! The gravy was YUM, and we had leftovers of it, so it has been frozen! (Too good to chuck away lol).

I am now off to sort out my craft room, as Alex was banned from playing Call of Duty yesterday, so you can guess what he is doing now...!

Enjoy the rest of the winter break and will hopefully be back with some crafty bits soon xx

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