Thursday, December 03, 2009

A whole roll of double sided!

Yes, I have gone through a whole roll since last night!!

I am off to my mums in Edinurgh this afternoon, and she wanted some cards and calendars. I have managed to quickly put the calendars together and here they are!

This one is for my younger brother - He loves The Simpsons and his bedroom is The Simpsons so I chose that as my theme.

This one is for my mums boyfriends mum (Nanny Helen) who we are actually staying with whilst staying in Edinburgh!

Then here are some cards I ruffled up last night - I love these penguins! So cute!

Im thinking when I get back from mums that I am going to bulk make these cards - They are so simple yet so elegant! I got this idea from another regular blog I visit so cant take the credit it!

Sorry about the dodgy photos, I didnt have time to take photos before I cellophaned them up!


Biscuitlid said...

these are all fab Katie - I'm very much loving the giant snowflakes on your penguin one. Looks fab.

Enjoy your family visit


Lou said...

Beautiful cards as always Katie!

Just to let you know you have an award to collect on my blog!

Hope your having fun at your mums!

Lou x

audrey said...

that's so beautiful, you're really talented^^

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Linby said...

lovely cards - very modern and clean style. Just become a follower - I'm in Nottingham too!