Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wear It Pink Day!

Tommorrow is Wear It Pink day, and we are joining in at work!

As an incentive for more people to join in (And for me to practise baking!!) I have decided that everyone who wears pink and donates £1 to the charity, will get a free fairy cake! (I need to brush up on my fairy cake skills for when its children in need time!)

I attempted at making some pink fudge, but its not set properly, so I doubt I will be able to take it to work! However, here are my lush Pink Fairy Cakes!

I am waiting on the second batch to come out of the oven, and am going to do them with white icing instead of pink! Im quite proud of them, as everytime I try bake simple sponge cakes, they never ever turn out good lol


Donna said...

What a great idea, i bet they all love you at work. Your fairy cakes look delicious. Have a good weekend. Donna x

Susie said...

Oh these cakes look lovely, well done and i hope they went well
Susie x