Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Christmas wreath and finishing projects!

I saw this brilliant tutorial whilst browsing for wreath ideas, and had all the materials in so thought I would give it a shot! After cutting out almost 150 circles by hand and pressing them all in to the polystyrene base, my fingers are glad that it is finished! I am quite chuffed with how it worked out actually and it will take pride place on the front door of our new house! :) Eeeeeek, yes I am excited! 

So Alex is away this week in London so I have not much planned for this week. But do have a few things on my list to finish. First being Gracie's frozen dress. Then to decide on how to finish the tops off. I am thinking some white feather boa type stylie possibly. 

Years ago, I started a cross stitch of a Yorkshire Terrier, I am going to finish that, and that will be giving to my Nan for Christmas in a nice frame. I am trying to be frugalish this Christmas. With moving house (Hopefully!!) and wanting having to buy lots of new stuff, pennies are going to be tight for me this year! 

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