Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tidy craft room! :)

About time, so Alex will say! 

Are you a tidy or messy crafter? I unfortunately, much to Alex's annoyance, am a messy crafter! But being as I have had nothing to do this weekend, today I spent most of the day tidying. And here are the results:

^ Pride place, my Mum's sewing machine. I have vowed to myself that once my debts are paid up, I will be booking myself on a sewing machine course as although I know how to use one, I am not the greatest - I tried to make me some bunting, and yeh, it didn't go too well. Machine ran away with me and no straight lines lol Various bits and bobs, magazines, candles etc

My printer, button collection, Spectrum Noirs! 

Here is an upclose :) She guards my craft room! How cute is she though?!

This is one of my favourite sayings. Live, Laugh and Love. This was originally all white, and as my craft room walls are boring magnolia, I decided to paint and sand it! Happy with the results! 

I have a thing for jars. And candles. And pink. 

My desk and funky lamp! :) This was from Aldi a few months ago. So quirky! 

My silhouette (under cover! Which I actually made! Go me!)

Another jar. With pink Pot Pooey! And my fav quote. 

I thought I would take some pics whilst it was tidy! We are in the process (and have been for two+ years now!) of looking for our own place. When we move I can have my craft room how I want it, not boring magnolia walls and crappy brown curtains! :)

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