Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stamps for sale!

Have just had a sort out, and am selling some of my stamps that are barely used anymore. Some are as new and never been inked up, others have slight markings on.

The following are £3.50 each, with postage on top (50p first item, if you want any more than 1, email me and I will find exact postage out).

CC Designs - Sugarplums Christmas stamps

CC Designs Sugarplums Spring Stamps

CC Designs Swiss Pixies

Pollycrafts Sharing Sherberts


The following stamps are £4.50 each (Again with postage on top). Large accent stamps £2.50, smaller accent stamps £1.75

Magnolia Stamps

Squiggle Stamps

And finally, I would like £2 each for these (Again, not including postage!)



Daisy and Dandelion

Freebie set

If you are interested in any of these stamps, please email me
I will ship abroad but please note the postage will be higher
Payment to be sent via Paypal Gift please

Thanks for looking xx

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