Friday, July 10, 2009


Swine flu is now a bit to close to home for my liking! Our care taker at work has been working at the Central Fire Station where there has been 2 confirmed cases of it - It will be just my luck that when it finally arrives at work, I will be one to catch it! BAHHH!
Anyway, I am now the proud owner (Well nearly, just paid for it lol) of a Sizzix Sidekick machine! I am hoping that with playing with that, I will get my crafty bug back in no time - I have an order to make 4 birthday party invitations for my boss, which she requires to be pink and girly (For her 8 year old daughter!) so hopefully, I will pull something out of the hat this weekend.
I have had a quick play with my new magnolias, but nothing good enough to show! (I only coloured the face and hair in on one of them!)


clare said...

hi hun xx
wow..a sidekick lucky cant wait to see what you make with it..and hopefully..your craftbug will be with you vvery soon...fingers crossed for you hun.
hope your well..and hope you have a lovely weekend...bloglnd is soooo quiet without you xx
hugs clare xx

Fiona said...

aw hun, I'm sure it'll be back before you know it!! i had to take a break from stitching for a while due to various things going wrong in my life but then I saw a pattern in a mag that i just had to stitch right away and i havent really stopped since :)