Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stamping on candles tutorial...

OK, heres what you will need:

A pillar candle - Most importantly NOT dipped (So its full colour, not white in the centre)
White Tissue Paper - I bought a pack from The Range
Greaseproof Paper - I used white greaseproof - not sure if the colour would make a difference
Stamp of your choice
Ink pad
Markers/watercolour pencils/paints
Hair dryer

Step 1:
Ink your stamp, and stamp carefully on the tissue paper

Step 2:
Colour in stamped image, careful not to rip the tissue

Step 3:
Cut your images out, fairly close to the edges (leaving some white tissue paper)

Step 4:
Position your image on the stamp where you want it to be. Cut some greaseproof paper so that there is enough for you to hold onto. Wrap this around the candle tightly.

Step 5:
Heat the candle with the dryer until you see a change (It begins to melt) remembering to hold the greaseproof paper tight.

Step 6:
Remove the greaseproof paper and TA DAH! One stamped candle!

Things to remember!

1) Do NOT heat the candle with your hair dryer on your bed (Like I did... Oppsie! Should come out in the wash!)
2) You can have more than one stamped image! Just repeat the steps using a different piece of greaseproof for every image.


clare said...
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clare said...

Opps..sorry hun..deleted the above comment cause i didn't see the post below with your gorgeous candle..came on your blog straight from dashboard and off again..and then back on again..seeing your candle..anyway sorry hun xx

mrs giraffe said...

katie what a talent you have!!! your candle is fab and thanks for the tutorial still don;t knoww whether i am brave or not though...well done hunnie xx

LuLu said...

Have always wanted to decorate a candle but have never been brave enough ! I showed Aaron (my son) your tutorial and he now wants to have a go so he can make leaving presents at the end of term! I assume that you could doodle/write your own thing on the tissue paper and that could then go on the candle? Yes /No?

Have a great weekend,