Friday, May 01, 2009

What a day it has been!

Last night, I went to Bingo with my best friend, and we won £100 between us. My plan was to go to The Range tonight, and splash out on some crafty goodies. However, at work this afternoon, I wiped my eye (I get sore dry eyes because of the air con!) and there was blood on the tissue!

Ended up spending most of the afternoon in the eye casualty department! I have got a viral (sp?) infection, and have to take eye drops for a week! Feel quite down actually (Have a headache and belly ache lol), so I doubt I will get any crafting done.

I hope everyone is ok, and has a great bank holiday xx


pinky said...

Ah sorry to hear you are feeling so low, just take it easy, the only way is up!

LuLu said...

Katie, that sounds so painful! Hope your eye is not feeling as tender and that the eye drops "kick in" ASAP.

Take care and rest! Hope you make the best of the long weekend,


clare said...

well firstly congrats on your win hun..WOW HOO..but what a bummer you cant spend it yet..and even worse no crafting for you..and it was only this week your crafting bug came back...i really feel for you hun..hope your eye heals really quickly and your able to spend your winning and then get some crafting cheer you up there's a little something on my blog for you xxx clare xx