Monday, April 20, 2009

Hmmm whats he after!

Finished work today, and the OH picked me up. Get in the car and he asks what I want to do tonight. As I am feeling a tad sore, I didnt fancy a bike ride! I needed to get a few bits from Boots, so without him moaning about going there, we set off on our travels! Gets there, and I need some new straightners (my old ones have the wires poking out - cant be good huh!) so we see some in boots for £76 odd. I said that I am sure Tesco Direct was selling them for like £40. So he said well lets go there then! Without moaning, huffing or anything! He then even offered to pay for them for me?!!? I think the weather must be cheering him up a bit! lol

Anyway, my cards have come today, so I can now go an do some crafting. I also got some new water colour pencils from Tesco's so will try them out later to!

Off to get the taties out of the oven now! Will be back later with some cards... Hopefully!

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