Friday, March 08, 2013

Update (Photo Heavy!)

Phew, it seems that the beginning of this year has gone so fast, and I have been so busy with things! I thought I would pop up a few piccies of what I have been getting upto! 

Firstly, I dont think I blogged about these - my first ever Christmas Cakes I made! These are only like 6" so perfect for two (Or one if you greedy lol). I made 3 with brandy and 3 with Disoronno. They went down a treat!

Not much happened in Jan. But I thought I would share some of my chocolatey cupcakes with you! 

Baby Shower Cupcakes! My friends daughter, Danielle, is expecting in 8 days time! We held a baby shower for her and I was honoured to provide the cakeys! I didnt take a pic of the Oreo pops or giant cupcake I did as I was in such a rush to get them finished I totally forgot - Ooops! 

My FAV flowers in bloom! Yes, I have to have a fresh bunch once a week. I just LOVE daffs! 

Next, a 21st Birthday cake for Danielle (my friends daughter!). I did a pink vanilla and chocolate marble cake for this one. The numbers are cut out of my Silhouette Cameo machine, which I LOVE!

My Brother Harrys 15th Birthday! Me and my Bro are very similar in tastes, music, we LOVE cookies and chocolate! So I had to make him a cookie monster card! (I did want to keep this for myself though!)

The OH's 27th Birthday. I did make him a mock rainbow cake which stood about 9 inches tall back in January, but I felt mean, so made him a microwave mug cake! Which he liked! 

And lastly, I have gone back to slimming world and got my half stone award! I need to get motivated and get rid of this weight. I lost 2 stone 9 before Christmas, then put 6lb back on when we took the plunge and went back! So I am happy to have got this, but need to keep focused!

 I will be focusing on cards once these few hectic weeks have passed! 

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