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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas has come again!


I know I was naughty and spent quite a bit in the sales, but I thought I would treat myself being as I didnt get anything crafty this year for christmas! Was in bed, watching Stuart Little 2 (As Alex is playing COD downstairs!) and knock on the door... And there was the posty with 4 packages!

Heres what was inside them:

4x CC designs stamps
6 Pro Markers
Whitewash 6x6 card stock
Gemstone 6x6 card stock
Prima flowers
PaperMania embelleshment set
2x Petaloo box blends

I have been umming about the Patchwork Pals kits on QVC for a while now, and thought to myself 'Sod It!'

And, as an extra treat for hitting my target of loosing half a stone before christmas (Started back at WW on 28th October) I ordered myself some new dies from the Sizzix sale, which I am waiting for! (Impatiently lol).

I have got to sort my craft room out this week, so can feel a trip to Ikea on the way for more storage solutions! (And candles!). I havent been crafting as such, just stitching up my own sock monkey (Rainbow coloured!) and will have to make a start on one for my little bro!

If I dont get on here before new year, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a fab new year - Stay safe and hope this next coming year is a good one for you all xxx

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And a couple more!

My get up and go, has got up and gone so I have been sat on my bum most of this afternoon (Apart from making the turkey curry!). On a plus, I have managed to get alot of my cross stitching mags on ebay! And I have made another two Digi Scraps.. Would love to know what you think!

Gracie Rae - My Niece..

Smudge, My cat..

My mum, and her boyf, Lawrence..

Been Digi Scrapping!

I have felt a bit crappy today and yesterday, so I have been spending some time looking through some old and new photos, and decided to have another dabble in Digi Scrapping. Heres the pages I have made so far..

April, My Niece..

My lil BIG Bro, Harry..

My Nieces, April and Gracie Rae..

Me and My lil BIG Bro, Harry..

I hope you like them :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

All over for another year!

Phew! I can now chill!

I hope you have all had a lovely christmas so far - I have!

Now the big day is out of the way, its time to chill out and relax (And stop eating chocolate!). I wasnt really spoilt this christmas as me and Alex decided not to do christmas for each other, but I did have some lovely gifts. Mum bought me some new jim jams (Two pairs!) and some of those boot slipper things which are reallllly comfy! I got 3 bottles of vodka (Dunno what people are trying to say...), some smellies, some Ghost perfume (My fav!) and some money which I have already spent on crafty bits in the sale!

My lil big bro (He is 11, but as tall as me!) loved his Wii that I got him, and mum loved her presents to which is good. I had to spoil them as I dont get to see them often (Once a year if that) and I wanted to make the effort as we was delivering them!

I ended up making mince pies, after 8 mints (Sort of!), cherry vodka and my cranberry sauce all from scratch! Dinner was delish! I think this was the best cooked dinner I have EVER made! The gravy was YUM, and we had leftovers of it, so it has been frozen! (Too good to chuck away lol).

I am now off to sort out my craft room, as Alex was banned from playing Call of Duty yesterday, so you can guess what he is doing now...!

Enjoy the rest of the winter break and will hopefully be back with some crafty bits soon xx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy busy busy!

Sorry I havent been on in a while, I have been busy busy busy with going to mums and then Lily Allen, and works christmas do, and playing HoHo for my nieces today! Finally, I get some time to myself! I have been crafting, and quickly put together a few cards for family - But this silly moomoo forgot to take photos before sending them!

Me and Alex arent doing christmas for each other this year as we have all that we want, so I have treated myself to 4 new stamps (Lelo Designs - I love em!) in the Silly Monkey Crafts sale, then 5 new pro markers and some pretty flowers from Joanna Sheen. I am stocked up with blanks as I always run out, so I bought 100 from Ebay (That should last me a while!).

Anyway, I am off to have another sip (Or jug lol) of my scrummy cherry vodka that I have made! (All thanks to Money Saving Experts forum - Again!).

Hope you are all keeping well, and I should be around with some makes soon xx

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kellie has Candy!

Over at the 'Magnolia Down Under' blog, Kellie is giving away a personalised stamp for your cards. Closing date is 19th Dec, with the winner being announced on the 20th. What a great christmas present eh! Get over there now to be in with a chance..

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Check this out

I came across Karens blog whilst hopping this morning, and she has the most adorable digi images you can ever imagine! I for one will certainly be purchasing a couple (Hoping the OH dont see this lol). One another note, Dawn has some great candy up for grabs! You can check it out here.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A whole roll of double sided!

Yes, I have gone through a whole roll since last night!!

I am off to my mums in Edinurgh this afternoon, and she wanted some cards and calendars. I have managed to quickly put the calendars together and here they are!

This one is for my younger brother - He loves The Simpsons and his bedroom is The Simpsons so I chose that as my theme.

This one is for my mums boyfriends mum (Nanny Helen) who we are actually staying with whilst staying in Edinburgh!

Then here are some cards I ruffled up last night - I love these penguins! So cute!

Im thinking when I get back from mums that I am going to bulk make these cards - They are so simple yet so elegant! I got this idea from another regular blog I visit so cant take the credit it!

Sorry about the dodgy photos, I didnt have time to take photos before I cellophaned them up!